Jaadu Ginni Ka – A Chapter of My Life

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Fahad T

I have recently completed my journey of three years with Jaadu Ginni Ka. I remember joining the Learning Links Foundation just after completing my B.Ed. As like everyone, it was exciting to start my professional life but certainly, it was going to be different from others. In all these years, not only I grew professionally but also personally. Jaadu Ginni Ka gave me an ample amount of opportunities to build relations with people at various level, right from the grass-roots level to the officials in the bureaucracy. Throughout my life before joining Jaadu Ginni Ka, I barely stepped out of my district but not only Kerala, my work made me travel to far places like Delhi and Rajasthan. What surprised me was the impression that the Learning Links Foundation has left everywhere.

I am a teacher but a different one. How different? Well, my students do not come to me in the school rather I go to them happily, my students come from different areas, speak different accents, belong to the different age group and lastly, they care for me just like their own family member. The incident that I am going to share holds a special place in my life and will always be there. Just a day before the Ramazan, I got my training session in Kottayam. As I was running short of time, did not eat anything in the morning, also I did not take anything with me to eat after the evening prayer.

After a journey of three hours, I reached my destination and got a warm welcome by the people. Seeing me exhausted they offered me snacks but when I told them about my fast, they took care of me just like a family. The day went well; we talked about various aspects of sound financial management like the importance of savings, the banking system, and government schemes. While interacting with the participants, I realised the significance of financial literacy in our society and how it is one of the most effective ways to bring about the change.

When I set out on my way back to the home, my students remained in touch throughout the course of the journey asking about my wellbeing. When I reached home, I sent the message to Mrs. Molikutty, the organizer of the training session that I have reached safely. What I received as a reply touched my heart. “Thank god, we were worried about your health. I will post it in our WhatsApp group, they all are waiting for this.”

Throughout the journey, I received a lot of appreciation from the people but the most important award for me is when I see people implementing the learnings of Jaadu Ginni Ka in their life by opening a bank account or availing a government scheme or started saving. That is the moment I feel satisfied with my work and my duties as a responsible citizen of India.

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