Ambati Shriya

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Age: 41 years

Janardhanreddy Colony, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Ambati is a resident of the Janardhanreddy colony in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Being a porter and a daily wage earner, she was constantly worried about the lack of regular work and a fixed income. Her increasing financial challenges worried her about her children's educational expenses that were soon to follow. She did not know how to earn more money until she attended the online training session under Jaadu Ginni Ka, conducted in partnership with Anjaneya NGO. The training gave her an understanding of business loans and concepts of EMIs. She also learned to manage her finances. Due to her interest in tailoring and acquiring an extra income, Ambati took a small loan from the bank and purchased a sewing machine. Soon, the tailoring work became her primary source of income. Now, she has managed to set up a small tailoring shop and is earning a regular income. In a short period, Ambati has recovered her loan amount and now leads a happier life.

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