Dharavath Mahathi

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Living in Kondasamudram, a village in rural Telangana, Dharavath Mahati is a 14-year-old student of 9th grade. Her father is a teacher, and it was through school, she discovered Jaadu Ginni Ka sessions conducted by Vi. Because of no prior understanding of the family's income, saving, and expenditure patterns, Dharavath entered the session with an ambition to learn as much as she could about financial concepts. And she did! She learned the many ways she and her family can track their family income and expenditure to track how much they need to save for her higher education. As a result, they have planned family goals and have begun maintaining a financial diary for her future education and future family plans. The training sessions, delivered in accessible language with relatable examples, have not only made Dharavath financially aware but also her entire family!

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