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Rahul Singh

My name is Rahul Singh and I have been associated with Jaadu Ginni Ka program since 2018. I am happy that I am a part of a big family of Learning Links Foundation, which played an important role in my life made me a responsible citizen. Since 2018, I have been teaching financial literacy to people belonging to different socio-economic background.

But what is so different about it? What made us different from others? What made us unique is the diversity in our outreach. We have been reaching out to the people at the grass-roots level, irrespective of gender, education, socio-economic background so that every person can effectively strengthen themselves. The design of the program enables a person to learn in a fast and sustainable manner.

Ever since I started my journey with Jaadu Ginni Ka, I got an opportunity to engage with different sections of the society and making them aware of basic concepts such as the banking system, basics of saving and government schemes, which otherwise they remained alienated. While conducting various training sessions with various groups of people, I learnt various perspective towards finances, which differ from person to person that eventually helped me to realize the significance of financial literacy in society.

While teaching financial literacy to everyone, I also realised that it is not only important for them but holds equal significance for me as well. When I looked at my finances through the lens of a financially literate person, I saw the number of flaws. I never saved money, neither invested nor had any plan for future. Nevertheless, as we say, it was not too late to begin. I put a check on my unnecessary expenses, which showed a quick result; by the end of the month, I was able to make a saving of 500 to 800 Rupees that I eventually invested.

Now, when I have future goals and working towards achieving them, I can understand the sense of happiness that people have while sharing their experiences with Jaadu Ginni Ka as how the program made an impact in their life by making them financially aware. I can relate to them as the program has also changed my life. These success stories always make me proud of my organization, my program work and the role that I am playing in transforming my nation.

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