Ms. Megha P.

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Village Vanegara, Koppal District, Karnataka

In a small village of Vanegara in the Koppal District of Karnataka, one woman's desire to become an independent entrepreneur has encouraged other members of the SHG to explore options to become financially independent. Megha had dreams but not guidance about savings and starting her own business. "Jaadu Ginni Ka" training session for the SHG Members of Vanegara village helped her with the fulfilment of her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

The training session guided her with the difference between unwanted expenses and needs. She and other members gained knowledge about various government schemes to help women and SHG. She was able to open a Recurring Deposit in Vanegara Post Office. Apart from the recurring deposit, Megha had a small amount of savings. She decided to start her own business by taking a loan from the Self Help Group with a lower interest rate. She opened a Stationery shop in the village and was able to get a regular monthly income. From the payment, she is repaying the loan instalments.

"Now I can save money and invest in my children's education and feel financially independent with no more liabilities. I am an entrepreneur and also encourage other SHG members to explore options to become self-dependent. I wanted to thank Learning Links Foundation and Vodafone Idea Foundation for guiding and empowering us on financial matters."

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