Mrs. Netravati

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Master Trainer from Dharwad Dist, Karnataka

There is a considerable difference between both needs and wants. The difference can lead towards a decent lifestyle, whereas you are wasting your time and money regularly if you don't know the difference.

Mrs. Netravati, a housewife from Hubli, Karnataka, was also suffering due to a lack of awareness of this concept. She attended one of the SHG training in the Dharwad district organized by team Jaadu Ginni Ka.

"I used to spend a lot of money on cosmetic and other related items; also I was a frequent traveller to my relatives. I was spending money without keeping any record of my expenses and earnings. Due to all this, our family was struggling to meet both ends. Sometimes we had to borrow money to meet the monthly expenses. After attending the Jaadu Ginni Ka training, I realized that keeping a check on expenditure and earning is very important and how small savings can lead to a balanced life. There is a difference between needs and wants, and it is important to check unwanted expenses to save for the future.

Now I have started saving money and keeping a record of my income and expenses. I have opened a Sukanya Sambrudi Yojana Account in Nekar Nagar Post Office, Hubli, Dharwad District, and started investing Rs.1000/- per month in this account”.

It is crucial in your life to know what is right and what is wrong so similarly; It is also significant to understand what is the pivotal role of the knowledge of needs and wants. This is where programs like Jaadu Ginni Ka are important to empower people on financial basics.

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