One Diary Entry a Day Keeps the Sahukaar Away

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Sabari Marandi, a Krishi Mitra hails from Raniswar Village in Dumka district of Jharkhand. The family’s financial conditions was not strong enough to sustain a big family of eight. Her monthly income ranges from 4000-5000. It used to be difficult for her to manage my family financially in a low income and borrowing money from Sahukaar of my village was a monthly ritual.

‘Three months ago, I attended financial literacy training of “Jaadu Ginni Ka” at Jalchajan Kendra, Ranchi. The training was helpful. We got significant information on financial management like how to save money, how to invest sensibly to improve our lifestyle in terms of financial stability. We learnt that we must own a bank account and we should write expenses and incomes in a diary to check over-expenses. I have started maintaining my financial diary to keep a track of daily income and expenditure. It gave me a fair account of my wanted and unwanted expenses. Now, I have started focusing on wanted expenses and tried to minimize unwanted expenses. Since the past 2 months, I have not borrowed money from anyone. The training empowered me to make a healthy financial decision. The training has encouraged me to enhance my understanding of financial management.

Financial literacy is a call of today’s economic scenario as there is a definite need on the ground to create awareness regarding financial planning/ management and financial security for the weaker and underserved sections of the society.

‘Thanks to Learning Links Foundation and Vodafone India Foundation for taking an initiative in benefit of our society. It will definitely improve our financial conditions and prove to be a boon for our country’. - Krishi Mitra, Raniswar.

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