Ms. Pavitra Hubbali

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Village Vanegara, Koppal District, Karnataka

Pavitra has recently enrolled her daughter Prarthana in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana after attending the training session of ‘Jaadu Ginni Ka’. However, Pavitra was not aware of any such government schemes neither she was attentive towards her finances. Despite having a fixed salary, Pavitra often used to make big purchases such as expensive attires, cosmetics and frequent unnecessary travel to her relative’s place.

It has been observed in many cases that people often mismanage their funds due to lack of financial literacy or sheer ignorance. They also remain unbenefited of several welfare schemes due to the aforementioned reasons. Nevertheless, this casual attitude towards finances often led people to daunting situations. It could be argued that these situations can be successfully tackled through financial literacy. In India, Jaadu Ginni Ka, a financial literacy program is one such measure that is creating a healthy space in society for people to rise to their potential using their money wisely. Pavitra’s story is one of the several examples, where people have understood the significance of money and changed their attitude towards finances.

Pavitra lives with her family consist of husband and a daughter in Hubbali in Dharwad district of Karnataka. Her spouse works at a jewellery shop as a helper and earns sufficient to run the house for a month. However, Pavitra’s perception of money remained irresponsible for a long period. “I used to spend money on leisure items, which could have been avoided but I never thought about it. I had neither any savings nor any plans for the future. When I attended the training session of Jaadu Ginni Ka, I learnt about various government schemes like Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana and most importantly, I understood the difference between needs and desire.”- said Pavitra.

With time, financial literacy has become one of the basic need for a better living. People often face trouble in the absence of a basic understanding of money management. In response to the growing need for financial literacy, the program of Jaadu Ginni Ka is reaching out to people through various means and empowering them with the help of basic understanding of sound money management.

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