Shrinivasa R. Kammar

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Mudakavi Village, Ramdurga Taluk, Belgaum Dist

Financial literacy is a core life skill for survival in this rapidly evolving modern society. Youngsters are growing up in an increasingly complex world where they eventually need to take charge of their financial future. It is imperative to understand how financially knowledgeable people are and their knowledge of finance affects their financial decision-making.

Shrinivasa R Kammar, a young college student from Hubli in the Dharwad district, is a BE (Mechanical) student from BVB College. Like every other student, Shrnivasa is enthusiastic about his prospects but anxious about fulfilling his life dreams. He has ambitions but not the correct information to manage his finances.

"One day, I attended 'Jaadu Ginni Ka' training session on the need for analyzing the expenses, maintaining a financial diary, and how to manage the unpredictable events of life. I realized there is so much to learn about this vital aspect that affects our day-to-day life. Previously, I was not aware of the concepts of investment, savings or financial planning, and government schemes. However, after the training, I understood how few essential and straightforward decisions could improve my financial condition. Now I have a Savings Bank account in the State Bank of India, Hubli Branch, and the required knowledge to earn more by investing my savings."

Shrinivasa is now the ambassador for the 'Jaadu Ginni Ka' program in his college and village. A productive yet straightforward step has changed the life of Shrinivasa and the people living around him. It can be a lot easier for students to relate to people of their age who are going through the same experiences and grappling with the same financial questions.

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