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Vidhyak Kumar Yadav, a young entrepreneur from Ranchi has recently started a general store but this was not the case until recent past. He hails from a remotely located village in Chatra district of Jharkhand and it has been four years since Vidhyak came to Ranchi in search of a better livelihood to support his family. Upon arrival, he soon landed with a job as a delivery boy in a provisional store. The job provided Vidhyak enough to make his both ends meet. However, the lack of effective financial management skills hindered him from making any significant saving. Amid this, he got an opportunity to attend the training session of Jaadu Ginni Ka organized in the vicinity that eventually helped him to learn and inculcate savings habits such as maintaining a financial diary, controlled expenses, and usage of the banking-system. Gradually, these habits assisted him in saving a sufficient amount that led him to rent a shop and start his own business. Jaadu Ginni Ka not only opened the door of opportunities for him but also made a life-long impact by teaching the habit of regular saving and pruning down unnecessary expenses.

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