Let Nothing Stop You - Stephin

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Stephin, a recently graduated student hails from the coastal town of Thoothoor in Kanyakumari where he lives with his mother and two siblings while his father works abroad as a labourer. Since the family was sustaining only on one salary, it used to be difficult to make its both ends meet. Borrowing was a monthly ritual for the family. The unchecked expenditures along with the outbreak of COVID-19 made the situation even more worse. Amid tackling the rickety situation, Stephin attended the online session of Jaadu Ginni Ka, which marked the beginning of change. What Stephin learnt in the training was the various government schemes and the key skills of sound financial management like analysing domestic expenses by using financial diary and saving money in a bank account. Stephin realised the ambiguity in his house budget and started writing a financial diary to keep a check on daily expenditures. In the month of June, Stephin’s family was able to save some amount by minimising their unwanted expenditures and in July, Stephin opened a bank account in a nearby bank.

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