Lack of trust in banking and e-transactions - Swati Vanshiv

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Lack of trust in banking and e-transactions is one of the major hindrances that has prevented a significant portion of the population from the umbrella of financial inclusion. Though, the continuous efforts of programs like Jaadu Ginni Ka has bridged the gap between society and technology through financial literacy. The following story is an example of a person overcoming of her fear and adapting to new technology. Swati Vanshiv, an entrepreneur from Pune runs a successful business of Ayurveda Medicines but occasionally, the overflow of cash used to make it difficult for her to handle and unfamiliarity with e-payments apps and digital banking added more to the difficulty.

The change begins with the training session of Jaadu Ginni Ka, which provided Swati with a firm exposure to the importance and benefits of mobile banking and different digital payment channels. Started with e-wallets, she eventually got a POS machine and it helped her in streamlining the business transactions through cashless mode. Keeping a financial diary alongside helped her in maintaining the performance track of the business. Swati inculcated these habits in her business and motivated others, especially, customers to go cashless.

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