The Chain of Change

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A ‘chain of change’ gives your leadership a clear understanding of the effort needed to achieve substantial and sustainable change at every level of society. Suman, one of the master trainers of Jaadu Ginni Ka in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh, set up an example along with her family for others to follow.

After attending the financial literacy training session of Jaadu Ginni Ka last year in March, she realized several shortcomings in her household budget. She shared her learnings with the family and then started a series of changes, ‘the chain of change’.

Geeta Devi, Suman’s mother-in-law says, "Suman first shared her learning with us. She taught us the basic steps that we can take to make small savings. I realized how children in the family are misusing their pocket money, which, if saved can be turned into a considerable amount. The first thing I started was to keep a check on their spending habits. We also teach them the wise use of pocket money."

The family also used to buy vegetables from the market on higher prices. Being the owners of a farmland, Suman along with her mother-in-law decided to cultivate vegetables. The homegrown produce not only fulfilled the family's domestic needs, but also enabled them to sell off the surplus. Owing to her knowledge enrichment through Jaadu Ginni Ka, Suman was also able to convince her husband, who was an avid alcohol consumer, to rethink his spending habits and save the money blown on alcohol.

"By sheer implementing the learnings of Jaadu Ginni Ka, within a short span of time, we were able to save a fat consolidated amount of around 1.5 lakhs, which we used to open our provisional store. One training session of Jaadu Ginni Ka turned our lives to a different tangent, which gave us a clear vision of a bright future for our children." Said Geeta Devi.

In most of the situations, people do not lack determination, what they lack is focus and motivation, which the program of Jaadu Ginni Ka is rendering along with the relevant knowledge and skills, thus encouraging them in changing their attitude and behaviour towards managing their finances.

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