Likitha T

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Age: 33 years

NTR Nagar, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Likitha T, a 33-year-old employee in a company, bought a small nano car on EMI to commute to work. She was paying the EMI from her salary. Unaware of the risk, Likitha chose not to opt for car insurance. She attended the online training session under Jaadu Ginni Ka, conducted in partnership with CESES NGO, and understood the importance of car insurance policies, which safeguard her financially in case of an accident. She learned how car insurance policies could support her in reducing/laying off the considerable amount to be paid for repairing/replacing damaged parts. She also learned about risk management, insurance, and various Government schemes. Now, Likitha has taken car insurance for her nano and health insurance for her family. With this, she has taken ownership of securing her and her family's future.

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